Applications Open: Executive Education Program on Cybersecurity

Harvard Kennedy School Executive Program
January 12-17, 2020

The next session of the Harvard Kennedy School executive program Cybersecurity: The Intersection of Policy and Technology will take place from January 12-17, 2020.

Our world is a place where cyberattacks can happen instantaneously. That’s why the security and resilience of critical infrastructure requires constant vigilance against cyber threats.

Led by Faculty Chair James Waldo, this one-week program focuses on the intersection of policy and technology, as well as how, together, they can address the critical threats of a cyber world. The objective is to provide technologists and policymakers with a conceptual framework for the design of both cybersecurity policy and technology.

JOB – Acing Your Interview

You have applied for a job and have landed an interview. Now what? Many job seekers spend so much of their time and energy trying to secure interviews, but very little time actually preparing for them (and sometimes neither do the interviewers). It’s important to walk into an interview with an agenda of what you want to get across, rather than waiting for the interviewer to ask a particular question. Developing a strategy before your interview can help strengthen your candidacy and ability to be hired. MORE

Ne sous-estimez pas le pouvoir des femmes à se soutenir mutuellement au travail

sept18-04-991369486-Alice-Mollon-850x478Ne sous-estimez pas le pouvoir des femmes à connecter entre elles et à s’entraider au travail. Comme je l’ai appris de mes expériences de comptable débutant à directeur général d’une banque d’investissement, les conversations entre femmes ont des avantages considérables pour l’individu et l’organisation. Lorsque j’ai obtenu mon diplôme universitaire dans les années 70, je pensais que les femmes atteindraient rapidement la parité à tous les niveaux de la vie professionnelle maintenant que nous étions «arrivées» – Continue reading

Le secret pour réussir votre carrière

98iRWi641. Soyez le gestionnaire de votre carrière
2. Une carrière réussie nécessite de temps en temps de prendre du recul et de regarder la situation dans son ensemble
3. N’attendez pas d’être malheureux pour agir!
4. Consacrer 20 minutes par jour sur un objectif que vous voulez atteindre
5. Au lieu de le méditer, faites-le
6. Demandez à quelqu’un d’autre comment il vous voie
7. Organisez vos options
8. Accepter que les chemins de carrière ne sont pas linéaires

Cartier Awards 2019 edition – Apply now!

unnamed-1The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards is an annual international business plan competition that aims to identify, support and encourage businesses led by women entrepreneurs.

Created in 2006 by Cartier in partnership with INSEAD Business School and McKinsey & Company, the Cartier Awards selects 21 finalists from 7 regions:



USA – College Costs. Many people believe that college costs more than it actually does

DM1jhw2XcAA_vN3Average net tuition at community colleges is less than zero — seriously — once financial aid is taken into account. Average in-state tuition at public colleges will be just $4,140 this year. And many elite private colleges cover much of their sky-high list-price tuition through scholarships.

Yet many middle-class and low-income families believe tuition will cost them tens of thousands of dollars a year. This misperception has a serious downside. It keeps some people from attending college, even though the financial (and nonfinancial) benefits of a degree are enormous.

Fortunately, a growing number of colleges are starting to take tuition misperceptions seriously. Sixteen top colleges are announcing this morning that they’re joining an effort called MyIntuition — an online calculator that lets people answer just a few questions, anonymously, and receive an estimate of how much attending each college would cost.

The 16 include Boston College, Brown, Davidson, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, St. Olaf and Yale. They’ve joined 15 others that already participate. The calculator was created by Phillip Levine, an economist at Wellesley College.

The Boston Globe named the calculator one of 2017’s “bold new ideas,” and administrators at Dartmouth say it has helped them attract more low-income applicants. I’ve written about it before, with more details here and here.

The calculator is remarkably easy to use, far easier than other financial-aid tools. If you have a child nearing college age, or you’re simply curious, give it a whirl — with real or hypothetical information. SOURCE: NYT

When Students Help Students: A college application guide created by students for students helps level the playing field

Applying for college is about as tough as slaying a thousand-headed Hydra. College hopefuls negotiate everything from FAFSA Forms to college visits before taking the postsecondary leap. Two Harvard College seniors, recent survivors of the process, hope to make things less stressful through the fair Opportunity Project, a college guide replete with insider advice on everything from essays to interviews and financial aid. Download a copy of the Guide here: