CV atypique : inconvénient ou atout ?

Qu’est-ce qu’un CV atypique ?

Tous ceux qui ont connu l’expatriation ou le suivi de conjoint à l’étranger le savent : nos parcours ne sont pas toujours linéaires. Il y a des moments où nous nous sommes pleinement consacrés à notre famille, d’autres où nous avons travaillé et parfois dans des métiers et secteurs totalement différents. D’autres encore où nous avons eu l’opportunité de nous investir dans des projets de bénévolat qui ont pu nous révéler à nous même. SUITE

Black LinkedIn Is Thriving. Does LinkedIn Have a Problem With That?

One day in September, Elizabeth Leiba opened the LinkedIn app and saw a post by Aaisha Joseph, a diversity consultant with nearly 16,000 followers on the platform.

“Ima need #companies to stop sending their dedicated House Negros to ‘deal with the Blacks’ they deem out of control,” read the item. “It’s really not a good look — it’s actually a very #whitesupremacist and #racist one.”


Harvard accepts 895 early admission applicants

Women comprise 51.7 percent of the Class of 2024 so far, with more than ever headed for a concentration in the sciences.

Harvard accepted 895 students to the Class of 2024 today from a pool of 6,424 who applied under the early action program, with additional candidates slated to be admitted in March as part of the regular-decision process.

Views of diverse students leaving class outside the Northwest Labs in Autumn. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer

“We are excited about the many accomplishments of this group, and we are enormously grateful to the faculty, students, and alumni who helped to attract these extraordinarily talented students to Harvard,” said William R. Fitzsimmons, dean of admissions and financial aid.

Women comprise 51.7 percent of those admitted thus far, compared with 51.2 percent last year and 47.2 percent two years ago. “This is an encouraging result, and certainly a long way from the 4-to-1 male-to-female ratio of decades ago,” said Fitzsimmons. “Continued increases in the percentages of women interested in the physical sciences, engineering, and computer science bode well for the future, especially in the light of the opening of the new facility for the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) this fall.” MORE

To Serve Better

Stories of people committed to public purpose and to making a positive difference in communities throughout the country.

“If you’re at an elite private school or a magnet public school where the norm is going to a four-year college, then you can basically just follow the current,” she said. “But if that’s not the norm, you’re left to discover it on your own,” as school staff are often overstretched, and family and friends may not have the time or firsthand knowledge to provide much guidance.

And that’s the reason Wheeler founded the Harvard Club of Seattle’s Crimson Achievement Program (CAP) in 2018. The initiative helps illuminate the path to college for high-potential ninth- and 10th-graders from Western Washington school districts in low-income areas. MORE

Pour une lettre de motivation réussie…

5 conseils pour réussir votre lettre de motivation

Vous souhaitez intégrer Sciences Po en 2020 ? Première étape de votre parcours du candidat, le dossier, et notamment sa pièce maîtresse : la lettre de motivation. Avant de vous lancer, quelques conseils et rappels utiles pour venir à bout de cet exercice. 

Il était une fois…vous : racontez une belle histoire

Qu’est-ce qui vous donne envie d’avoir un impact sur le monde ? À Sciences Po, nous recherchons des candidats qui souhaitent transformer leur talent en pouvoir d’agir. En racontant dans votre lettre une histoire personnelle, vous éclairez vos motivations, attestez de votre engagement et donnez du sens à votre candidature.

Votre lettre est à vous et à personne d’autre

Bien sûr, il est toujours bénéfique de demander un avis extérieur sur votre lettre. Mais ne multipliez ni les relecteurs, ni les révisions : si quelques ajustements peuvent améliorer l’ensemble, des changements trop nombreux peuvent dénaturer votre texte et au final lui faire perdre tout authenticité. Or, vous êtes la personne la mieux placée pour connaître et évoquer vos talents et vos compétences. Vous devez vous retrouver dans la version finale de la lettre, et en être fier. N’oubliez pas que, si vous êtes admissible et que vous allez à l’oral, vous devez pouvoir parler et commenter chaque mot sans difficulté.

All the Africans on the 2019 ‘TIME 100 Next’ list

The new TIME 100 Next list features rising stars from all over the world shaping the future of business, entertainment, sports, politics, science, health and other sectors.

“Although this focus lends itself to a younger group, we intentionally had no age cap — a recognition that ascents can begin at any age. The TIME 100 Next members all have grand ambitions, and they know they may face even greater setbacks. But by and large, ‘they are driven by hope.’ They are eager to defy the odds — and fight for a better future,” the magazine says.

The 2019 list pays homage to eight people from Africa. They are: MORE

International Education Week 2019

From November 18-22, the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education are celebrating International Education Week (IEW) by encouraging Americans to seek opportunities to study abroad and welcoming international students to study in the United States.  International education makes the United States stronger, forging lasting connections between Americans and peers in other countries, bringing benefits to local communities, and generating knowledge to solve shared challenges.

During IEW, events at schools, universities and communities across the United States and around the world will focus on the importance of international education in fostering security and economic growth and highlight why more students should experience international education.

To open IEW, the State Department, in collaboration with the Institute of International Education, released the annual Open Doors report of data and trends in international academic mobility.  In academic year 2018/19, for the fourth year in a row, more than one million international students studied at U.S. institutions of higher education, with an increase of .05 percent over last year.  The number of American students studying abroad also increased by 2.7 percent from the prior year, to 341,751 Americans.

Former Harvard Student (from Nigeria) Sues University for Denying His Degree Following Sexual Misconduct Findings

Former Harvard undergraduate Damilare Sonoiki ’13 filed a lawsuit against the University Oct. 21 alleging that the College unfairly withheld and ultimately denied him his degree after three fellow students accused him of sexual assault.

Sonoiki was set to graduate in May 2013. Two days before Commencement, however, two women formally filed formal sexual misconduct complaints against him.

Sonoiki still spoke as the Harvard Orator on Class Day and walked at graduation. Still, he was denied a degree because he was involved in a pending investigation. Several days later, the third woman filed an additional complaint against Sonoiki.

On Nov. 19, 2013, the Administrative Board found Sonoki responsible for the accusations, required him to withdraw from the College, and recommended his dismissal to the Faculty Council, according to his legal complaint. On Dec. 10, 2014, the Council dismissed Sonoki. He never received his undergraduate degree.