The 25 Best Workplaces in New York

IMG_2378New York companies have a reputation for dog-eat-dog work environments, long hours, and sharp elbows—and in a lot of cases, that’s probably accurate. But there are some companies in the Empire State where employees not only like their colleagues, they enjoy coming into the office. To find the standouts, Fortune partner Great Place to Work surveyed more than 137,000 employees in New York state and the surrounding metropolitan area. The following 25 companies got the highest marks for trust, friendliness, and being all-around great places to work. Continue reading

La vie en Amérique d’après un auteur camerounais (Imbolo Mbue)

IMG_2480Join us on Tuesday, August 23rd for the release of Imbolo Mbue‘s novel, Behold the Dreamers.

Mbue’s eloquent debut novel takes the timeless story of immigrants coming to the U.S. in search of a better life and plants it in a particularly difficult historical moment.

The 2008 economic crisis was a hard time for the American Dream, and when Jende and Neni Jonga arrive in New York from Cameroon late in 2007, they initially feel fortunate to find work with the family of a Wall Street executive. But their employer works for Lehman Brothers, and the Jongas learn hard truths about the socio-economic realities of their new country. Continue reading

Opportunité à ne pas manquer aux Nations Unies – Programme Jeunes administrateurs

nationsLe programme Jeunes administrateurs est une initiative visant à recruter des professionnels talentueux et hautement qualifiés qui débuteront une carrière de fonctionnaires internationaux au Secrétariat de l’Organisation des Nations Unies. Il consiste en un concours d’entrée et comporte des programmes de perfectionnement professionnel pour tous les lauréats qui entament une carrière au sein de l’Organisation. Continue reading