World Bank launches the recruitment of Early Years Fellows

  1. Improve the quality of ECD analytical work and project design and implementation by increasing the availability of experienced professionals to advise and support governments and World Bank teams;
  2. Build in-country capacity and reduce reliance on international technical assistance and ensure sustainable, contextually-specific and informed responses to scaling up ECD at country level; and,
  3. Develop the next generation of leaders to scale up investments in the early years and raise the profile of the ECD sub-sector as a viable and prestigious field of study and work.

Fellows spend 20 percent of their time enrolled in a professional development program designed to strengthen their technical skills in ECD and their understanding of World Bank operations. The remaining 80 percent of their time is dedicated to a country-specific work program to work across sectors to support ECD. 

How to Apply

Recruitment is now open and the due date to submit an application is October 11th. The announcement is available here along with a video, FAQs and Terms of Reference for each country position.  

The application form can be accessed here.

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