Chad Losse, directeur de admissions, Harvard Business School (HBS), partage tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les lettres de recommandation

DjrAEKMXoAEHU3aExtracurricular activities: What are you involved in outside of work? What impact did these activities have on you, and what impact did you have through these activities?

Sometimes future applicants wonder what activities they should participate in so they will “look good” when they apply. While I understand this means they are really interested in HBS, this approach to extracurriculars doesn’t usually help an application. Here’s why: if you do things because it might look good to someone else, you naturally won’t be as dedicated or learn as much, and your impact will be smaller. You’re busy, and it’s likely that “going through the motions” with an activity is going to feel superficial to us on the Admissions Board—and worse, it will feel superficial to you. SUITE

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