Making a place for herself

Mahlet Shiferaw loved astronomy and physics, but had to overcome feeling like an outsider in fields that draw few women and fewer African Americans

Growing up, Mahlet Shiferaw developed a love for drawing and was a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy genres, children’s classics like J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series and C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia,” and she was “obsessed with drawing unicorns.” MORE

2 thoughts on “Making a place for herself

  1. Bonjour

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  2. Mahlet, You remind me of myself and my interest in physics and astronomy in a rustic setting than yours that is as sophisticated as urban as Cambridge or Boston. I relate to you very much. I checked your drawings and paintings, and I believe you have great talent. I wish I could email you some of my comments about works by Ethiopian Artists. But this note is meant to celebrate your achievement and your great future. I am so ecstatic just reading about you and what you are planning to do with your life. I am also awed by your parents who brought you up in a way that you are what you are–a decent graceful dutiful young person. Keep Safe All. God Bless. Tecola

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